DAYLIGHT HEADS - 5600k (all 13amp)
2.5kw Strand Lighting fresnel2.5kw Strand Lighting fresnel
(magnetic ballast) Hot restrike
(Quantity 1)
2.5kw Strand Lighting par2.5kw Strand Lighting par (magnetic ballast) Hot restrike
(Quantity 1)
1.2kw HMI par1.2kw HMI par
(electronic ballast) Hot restrike
(Quantity 1)
575w HMI fresnel575w HMI fresnel
Hot restrike
(Quantity 2)
400w HMI Fresnel & Par400w HMI Fresnel & Par (electronic ballast) Hot restrike (Quantity 2)
250w & 200w Sachtler open face250w & 200w Sachtler open face (electronic ballast) (Quantity 2)
LitePanels 1x1LitePanels 1'x 1' D-Spot. 5500k. 40w
(Quantity 5)
Sachtler Topas 330w6 tube x 2' Sachtler Topas 330w (5600k or 3200k tubes) (Quantity 5)
Wallimex 110w2 tube x 2' Wallimex 110w (with 5600k or 3200k tubes) (Quantity 1)
LitePanels MiniPlusLitePanels MiniPlus 20°, 50° (Quantity 3)
TUNGSTEN HEADS - 3200k (all 13amp)
2kw Sachtler fresnel2kw Sachtler fresnel (compact) (Quantity 5)
2kw Arri & Ianiro open face2kw Arri & Ianiro open face (Quantity 6)
250w Fresnel hmi250w Fresnel (1kw Equiv) Internal ballast
(Quantity 4)
800w Arrilite open face800w Arrilite open face
(Quantity 4)
650w Arri & Sachtler fresnel650w Arri & Sachtler fresnel (Quantity 6)
500w Sachtler fresnel500w Sachtler fresnel
(Quantity 3)
300w Arri & Sachtler300w Arri & Sachtler fresnel (Quantity 5)
150w Arri fresnel150w Arri fresnel
(Quantity 2)
Source Four etc750w Source Four
19° / 36° / 50°
(Quantity 2)
Chimera Quartz MediumQuartz Medium
36x48"Full diff fixed, baffle
(Quantity 1)
Chimera Video Pro MediumVideo Pro Medium
36x48"Full, half, quarter & baffle (Quantity 2)
chimera Video Pro SmallVideo Pro Small
24x36"Full, half, quarter & baffle (Quantity 4)
Chimera Video Pro X SmallVideo Pro X Small
16x22" Full, half, quarter & baffle (Quantity 2)
Chimera Video Pro XX SmallVideo Pro XX Small
12x16"Full, half, quarter & baffle (Quantity 2)
Chimera Pancake LargePancake Large 48" with skirt (Quantity 1)
Chimera Pancake smallPancake Small 21" with skirt (Quantity 1)
Chimera Mogul lamp holderMogul lamp holder E40 & neck 250w , 500w or 1000w. 13amp (Quantity 4)
C-Stand 40 inchC-Stand 40" – flag arm & knuckle 130cm to 267cm (with turtle base) (Quantity 8)
C-Stand 30 inchC-Stand 30" – flag arm & knuckle
(Quantity 2)
Turtle stand / base of C-StandTurtle stand / base of C-Stand (Quantity 2)
Overhead standOverhead stand 140cm to 420cm, 12kg
(Quantity 2)
Arri (126A) lazy leg lighting standArri (126A) lazy leg – 29mm 131cm to 333cm, 8kg   (Quantity 2)
Arri (007BA) lazy leg lighting standArri (007BA) lazy leg – 29mm 124cm to 315cm, 3kg   (Quantity 4)
Lightweight stand 16mmLightweight stand 16mm 3kg (Quantity 12)
Dedo standDedo stand – 50cm to 220cm (Quantity 4)
Magic armMagic arm with 2 x K clamps (Quantity 7)
Super clampSuper clamp / K clamp (Quantity 10+)
(Quantity 10)
Jumbo grip headJumbo grip head / knuckle (Quantity 2)
Gaffer gripGaffer grip
Quantity 2)
Spring clampSpring clamp
(Quantity 6)
Baby grid clamp 16mmBaby grid clamp 16mm (Quantity 2)
Big Ben clamp 29mmBig Ben clamp 29mm
(Quantity 4)
Flag arm 40 inchFlag arm 40" & knuckle (Quantity 8)
Flag arm 20 inchFlag arm 20" & knuckle (Quantity 2)
Boom arm 16mmBoom arm 16mm – 51" to 105" (Quantity 4)
2 inch Poly board holder2" Poly board holder
(Quantity 4)
1 inch Poly board holder1" Poly board holder
(Quantity 4)
29mm to 16mm adapter29mm to 16mm adapter (Quantity 4)
16mm to 16mm adapter16mm to 16mm adapter (Quantity 3)
Auto pole / Pole Cat longAuto pole / Pole Cat
Long – 2.1 m –3.8 m
(Quantity 4)
Auto pole / Pole Cat shortAuto pole / Pole Cat
Short – 1m – 1.7m
(Quantity 1)
8x8 frame8'x8' Frame (can be 4'x4') (Quantity 1)
8x8 ultra bounce8'x8' Ultrabounce
(Quantity 1)
8x8 grid cloth8'x8' Grid cloth - half
(Quantity 1)
8x8 black solid8'x8' Black solid
(Quantity 1)
4x4 white block4'x4' White block
(Quantity 2)
3x3 frame3'x3' Flat aluminium frames (Quantity 4)
Westcott 24x36 flag setWestcott 24x36" 2 frames, black, diffusion, single net, double net (Quantity 1)
Westcott 12x18 flag setWestcott 12x18" 2 frames, black, diffusion, single net, double net (Quantity 1)
Black / white popoutBlack / white popout
200cm x 150cm
(Quantity 2)
Antari Hazer Z-350Antari Hazer Z-350
Distribution / Cables
(all 13amp)

8 metre (25 foot)
15 metre (50 foot)
Y cord – 2 way gang
16amp – 13amp male
13amp female – 16amp
Sand bags
Sand bag 6kg
Consumables / Gel rolls
Small selection of gels, croc clips & cable ties available